Scotty Weston 1-22-17 am relying on the supernatural part 2.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-22-17ss Faith part 3.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-18-17 Relying On The Super Natural.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-15-17 am being planted.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-15-17 ss faith part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-15-17- pm being planted part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-11-17 Strong In Faith.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-08-17 pm Strong spiritually.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-08-17 am Faith makes things possible.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-08-17 s s Faith.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-4-17 The Coveant.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-01-17 pm Rest in the lord part 02.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-01-17 am rest in the lord.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-1-17 ss faith and patience.mp3

Brad Mcdonald 12-28-16 Being In The Right Spirit.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-21-16 A Coveant Of Increase Pt2.mp3

Isabel Vasquez 12-18-16 am.mp3

Teresa Weston 12-18-16 ss Gods already done it part 3.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-14-16Nothing Is To Hard For The Lord.mp3

Ronald Seay 12-11-16 pm.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-11-16 am a covenant of increase.mp3

Teresa Weston 12-11-16 ss Gods already done it part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-7-16 Faith Makes Things Possible.mp3

Ron Day 12-04-06 The greatness of the journey.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-04-16 am What you look at part 3.mp3

Teresa Weston 12-04-16 ss God has already done it.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-30-16 speaking life into your circumstances.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-27-16 pm What you look at part-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-27-16 am what you look at.mp3

Montie Hall 11-27-16 ss Show thy self aproved to God.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-23-16 Gods Financial Plan.mp3

Teresa Weston 11-20-16 s s God wants you to want to part 3.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-16-16 When Trials Come.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-13-16 Rejoice Part-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-13-16 am Rejoice.mp3

Teresa Weston 11-13-16 s s God wants you to wand to part-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-09-16 Redeemed To Rain.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-6-16 pm faith is always rewarded part-4.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-6-16 am faith is always rewarded part 3.mp3

Teresa Weston 11-6-16 ss god wants you to want to.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-2-16.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-30-16 am faith is always rewarding part-2.mp3

montie hall 10-30-16 determined.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-26-16 Faith Is Always Rewarded.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-23-16 am walking in your harvest part 2.mp3

Teresa Weston 10-23-16 ss together part3.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-19-16 Walking In Your Harvest.mp3

bradley McDonald 10-16-16 don't stop pouring.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-16-16am from nothing to something.mp3

Teresa Weston 10-16-16 ss together part -2.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-12-16 The Power OF Our Words.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-9-16 pm focus part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-09-16 am focus.mp3

Teresa Weston 10-09-16 together.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-5-16 Gods Will To Prosper.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-2-16 pm what are your dream part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 10-2-16 am what are your dreams.mp3

Teresa Weston 10-2-16 ss Hearing god.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-28-16 Challanges On Your Journey Pt3.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-25-16 pm pm challenges on your journey part-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-25-16 am challenges on your journey.mp3

Montie Hall 9-25-16 s s The sin of rebellion.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-21-16 When Your Going Through.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-18-16 pm faith to receive part 5.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-18-16 am faith to receive part-4.mp3

Teresa Weston 9-18-16ss faith vers unbeleif part 5.mp3

Bro. Brad McDonald 9-14-16.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-11-16 pm faith to receive part 3.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-11-16 am Faith to receive part 2.mp3

Teresa Weston 9-11-16 ss faith vrs unbeleif part-4.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-7-16 Faith To Receive.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-4-16pm Faith makes all things possible.mp3

Scotty Weston 9-4-16am If you will harken part 2.mp3

Teresa Weston 9-4-16ss Faith vrs unbeleif part 3.mp3

Scotty Weston 8-31-16 If You Will Harken.mp3

Scotty Weston am 8-28-16 living a blessed life-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 8-24-16 Living A Blessed Life.mp3

Montie Hall 8-28-16 ss Jesus Christ our high Priest.mp3

Brad McDonald 8-21-16 Being in the right spirit.mp3

Scotty Weston 8-21-16 am givers prosper.mp3

Teresa Weston 8-21-16 ss faith versa unbelief part 2.mp3

Ron Day 8-17-16 I Will Look Again.mp3

scotty weston 8-7-16 am no fear here.mp3

Scotty Weston 8-7-16 pm no fear here-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 8-10-16 No Fear Hear Pt3.mp3

Scotty weston 8-14-16 am no fear here part 4.mp3

Teresa Weston 8-7-16 s s Being thankful.mp3

Brad McDonald 8-3-16 What are you multiplying.mp3

Scotty Weston 7-27-16 Why Have Faith Pt2.mp3

Jonathan Sewava 7-24-16 Lack Of Love.mp3

Scotty Weston 7-24-16 am Why have faith.mp3

Teresa Weston 7-24-16 Sunday School.mp3

Scotty Weston 7-20-16 Take No Thought Saying Pt2.mp3

Scotty Weston 7-17-16 pm take no thought saying.mp3

Scotty Weston 7-17-16 am Quality decisions.mp3

Teresa Weston 7-17-16 s s turning things around.mp3

Scotty Weston 7-13-16 Building Ourselves Up.mp3

Teresa Weston 7-10-16 Temptation Pt2.mp3

Scotty Weston 7-10-16 am resting in God.mp3

Scotty Weston 7-3-16 am the power of your word.mp3

Teresa Weston 7-3-16 s s the decitfuliness of sin - 2.mp3

Teresa Weston 6-29-16 The Deceitfulness Of Sin.mp3

Scotty Weston 6-26-16 am strong spiritually 3.mp3

Montie Hall 6-26-16 SS Control your tongue.mp3

Scotty Weston 6-22-16 Spiritually Strong Pt2.mp3

Scotty Weston 6-19-16 Spiritually Strong.mp3

Teresa Weston 6-19-16 s s Controling the flesh-1.mp3

Scotty weston 6-12-16 am prosperity.mp3

Teresa Weston 6-12-16 motionival gifte p-3.mp3

Scotty Weston 6-5-16 Power Of Gods Word Pt2.mp3

Scotty Weston 6-5-16 Power Of Gods Word Pt1.mp3

Teresa Weston 6-8-16 Motivational Gifts Gt2.mp3

Teresa Weston 6-5-16 Motivational Gifts Pt 1.mp3

Scotty Weston 6-1-16 Confidence In The Lord.mp3

Montie Hall 5-29-16 Prayer.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-22-16 What You Sow You Reap.mp3

Teresa Weston 5-22-16 Ministry Gifts Pt6.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-18-16 Expectation Brings Manifestation.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-15-16 God Word Establishes Faith Pt4.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-15-16 Gods Word Establishes Faith Pt3.mp3

Teresa Weston 5-15-16 Ministry Gifts Pt5.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-11-16 Establish In The Faith Pt2.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-8-16 Establish In The Faith.mp3

Teresa Weston 5-8-16 Ministry Gifts Pt4.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-4-16 The Trying Of Our Faith.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-1-16 Living By Your Faith Pt3.mp3

Scotty Weston 5-1-16 Living By Your Faith Pt2.mp3

Teresa Weston 5-1-16 Ministry Gifts Pt3.mp3