Scotty Weston 4-23-17 benefits of the church.mp3

Teresa Weston 4-23-17 be a doer and not a judge.mp3

Brad McDonald 4-19-17 Faith Is Number One.mp3

Scotty Weston 4-16-17 The Ressurection Brought Life.mp3

Teresa Weston 4-16-17 Treat others as yourself.mp3

Ron Day 4-12-17 Warped Spirits.mp3

Ron Day 4-11-17 The Cross The Place Of Worship.mp3

Ron Day 4-10-17 The Bells Are Ringing.mp3

Ron Day 4-09-17 the days of noah.mp3

Scotty Weston 4-09-17 challenges in your journey.mp3

Teresa Weston 4-09-17 what is judging part-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 4-02-17 The word our evidence.mp3

Teresa Weston 4-02-17 what is judging.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-29-17 Stagger Not.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-26-17 God got a plan for you part 3.mp3

Montie Hall 3-26-17 Gods family plan.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-22-17 Gods Got A Plan For You Pt2.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-19-17 Gods Got A Plan For You.mp3

Teresa Weston 3-19-17 Fruit.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-15-17 Grace To Increase.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-19-17 seated in heavenly places.mp3

Teresa Weston 3-12-17 drinking and getting drunk-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-8-17 Living The Good Life.mp3

Brad McDonald 3-05-17 finding grace.mp3

Teresa Weston 3-05-17 Dringing and getting drunk.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-1-17 Living By The Word.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-26-17 pm quality decisions part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-26-17 am quality decisions.mp3

Montie Hall 2-26-17 ss overcoming the world.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-22-17 Living Through The Word.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-19-17 pm God of increase.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-19-17 am finding and doing the will of god.mp3

Teresa Weston 2-19-17ss Faith part 6.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-15-17 Never Concerted Your Words.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-12-17 quality decisions part 2 .mp3

Scotty Weston 2-12-17 quaality decisions.mp3

Teresa Weston 2-12-17 Faith part 5.mp3

Scotty Weston 02-08-17 Relying On The Blessing.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-05-17 pm following the will of God part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-05-17 am following the will of god.mp3

Teresa Weston 2-5-17 ss faith part 4.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-1-17 Living By The Word.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-15-17- pm being planted part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 01-29-17The Blessing am.mp3

Montie Hall 01-29-17 s s.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-25-17.mp3

Brad McDonald 1-22-17you can fly.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-22-17 am relying on the supernatural part 2.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-22-17ss Faith part 3.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-18-17 Relying On The Super Natural.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-15-17 am being planted.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-15-17 ss faith part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-15-17- pm being planted part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-11-17 Strong In Faith.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-08-17 pm Strong spiritually.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-08-17 am Faith makes things possible.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-08-17 s s Faith.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-4-17 The Coveant.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-01-17 pm Rest in the lord part 02.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-01-17 am rest in the lord.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-1-17 ss faith and patience.mp3