Scotty Weston 3-18-18 Steady in the storm.mp3

Scotty Weston 03-11-18 freadom from fear.mp3

Scotty Weston 3-7-18 Living By The Word.mp3

Teresa Weston 03-11-18 prayer-2.mp3

Brad McDonald 03-04-18 resist.mp3

Teresa Weston 03-04-18 prayer.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-28-18 Renewing The Mind.mp3

Scotty Weston 02-25-18 trials.mp3

Montie Hall 02-25-18 Fear unbeleif and rest.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-21-18 When Challenges Come.mp3

Scotty Weston 02-18-18 living by faith.mp3

Teresa Weston 02-18-18 purpose of tithe and offering today-7.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-14-18 Faith Is The Victory.mp3

Scotty Weston 02-11-18 Gods word gives vision.mp3

Teresa Weston 02-11-18 purpose of tithes and offerings today-6.mp3

Scotty Weston 2-7-18 Diligent.mp3

Scotty Weston 02-04-18 Living by faith-2.mp3

Teresa Weston 02-04-18 purpose of the tithes and offering today-5.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-31-18 Living By Faith.mp3

Scotty Weston 01-28-18 walking in the blessing.mp3

Teresa Weston 01-28-18 purpose of tithes and offerings today-4.mp3

Teresa Weston 1-24-18 New Testament Law.mp3

Scotty Weston 01-21-18 overcomers.mp3

Teresa Weston 01-21-18 purpose of the tithe and offerings part-3.mp3

Bradley McDonald 01-14-18 are you mature.mp3

01-14-18 teresa weston purpose of tithes and offerings today part-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 01-07-18 it is finished.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-10-18 Impower To Prosper.mp3

Teresa Weston 01-7-18 purpose of tithes and offerings today.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-03-18 God Is Able.mp3

Montie hall 12-31-17 life after death.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-31-17 2018.mp3

12-20-17 building ourselves up.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-17-17 Gods Will.mp3

Ron Day 12-20-17 Dead Promies Restored To Life.mp3

Teresa Weston 12-17-17 Planning For The Race Part 2.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-13-17 All Is Well.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-10-17 What faith will do.mp3

Teresa Weston 11-10-17 preparing for the race.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-6-17 Benefits Of The Church Pt2.mp3

Scotty Weston 12-03-17What Is The Benefits Of The Church.mp3

Teresa Weston 12-03-17 things about healing.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-29-17 When Challenges Come.mp3

Bradley McDonald 11-26-17 A Exchanhed Life.mp3

Montie Hall 11-29-17 Thankful and thanksgiving.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-19-17 Run To Win Pt3.mp3

Teresa Weston 11-19-17.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-15-17 Run To Win Pt2.mp3

Scottty Weston 11-12-17 run to win.mp3

Teresa Weston 11-12-17 pride and humility part-2.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-08-17 testing promotes believers.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-05-17 Faith In The Blessing.mp3

Teresa Weston 11-05-17 Pride and Humility.mp3

Scotty Weston 11-1-17 Moving Forward Pt2.mp3

Scotty Weston 1-25-17.mp3